In today’s competitive world, Bangladesh is the name of a dynamic satellite. The world is moving forward and Bangladesh is also keeping pace with that. Moving forward doesn’t only mean the journey on its preset orbit. It also includes challenging the changes happening around the world in every moment with advanced knowledge and technical skills. We started our Experts Academy Limited with the hope and promise of preparing our Bangladesh for a better tomorrow.

We vow to sharpen the knowledge and talent regarding human resources who are already engaged in different sectors. We have by our side, some of the highly insightful resource persons of our time. They are the origin of our promise. And the eager knowledge seeking minds from different occupational sectors is our resource. We always want to be there for those who want to light up tomorrow with the beacon of knowledge. We sincerely hope that this bright flare of the Experts Academy will help build a brighter, better and a more colorful Bangladesh.

Well Wishes to all.


M. Mahfuzur Rahman


Experts Academy Limited.

Former Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank