Why choose us?

• Various types of useful, realistic and logical training topics;

• Experienced and Qualified Trainers;

• Excellent training room facilities and easy location access;

• Diversified & Innovative Learning Processes.

Employees and Resource Persons

•  There are 12 efficient and dedicated permanent employees and 05 temporary employees headed by our Managing Director.

•  Besides that, EAL has around 100 professional and experienced freelance Trainers across the country to conduct trainings at grass root level.

•  We have agreement in  place to bring renowned foreign trainers as and when needed.

training needs assessment (TNA)

This Training Needs Assessment (TNA) form consists of a series of questions which are conducted to identify and determine the appropriate training solutions for the problem a company or individual is facing.  It is said that, TNA is often the first step taken to initiate successful training programs.

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insurance training programme

Experts Academy Limited (EAL) is accredited by Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA). EAL offers mandatory trainings for Insurance Agents. Apart from this, we also provide more advance trainings in

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corporate training programme

EAL Corporate Training programs are designed "in-house" for a specific organization that may wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities. Or else, Individuals

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online training programme

Experts Academy has an online training platform. We are offering e-learning so that the interested participants can have the best use of their valuable time while being at any place

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    November 2021

    We are aware of the trials faced by professionals and organizations on a day to day basis in this competitive business world. To stay a step ahead in the competitions and grow in this highly competitive business environment, we are here to help you for give boost to your career and have professional growth. You can reach us directly on 01704188509 /

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